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The School Day

Structure of day

The timetable in each class caters for the individual needs of the children.
The specific activities each child engages in are written in his/her Individual Education Plan (IEP).



Curriculum Headings

Langauge and Communication

Maths / Cognitive Development
Social Personal Health Education (SPHE)
Physical Development (PE)
Social, Environmental and Scientific Education (SESE)
Visual Arts - Art, Music, Cookery, Sensory Integration


Senior Pupils

This curriculum at Primary level is extended and adapted to be age appropriate with emphasis on social skills and independence training to meet the individual needs of the older pupils.



Parents/School Communication

Parents are an integral part of the school community and a vital link in the relationship between the school and its pupils. We value the central role parents play in their children’s education and encourage ongoing dialogue between parents and teaching staff. Parents play an important role in their activities as a Parents’ Association and parents are represented on the school’s Board of Management.

The school secretary plays an important role in the daily structure of the school. The school can be contacted on 057-8620329 between 9am and 3pm or by email –


Curriculum and Individual Education Plans (IEPs)

Kolbe School provides a broad and balanced curriculum within the framework of the National Curriculum set out by the DES. Our goal is to give every child the opportunity to develop to his/her full potential. In order to ensure that each pupil’s strengths are recognised and utilised and that their learning / development needs are met, the school carries out annual IEPs. These plans are formulated in close consultation with parents/teachers/clinical staff and are used as the basis of measurement of progress during the school year. Ongoing review of the IEP is a sharing of opinions between teachers and parents.



All pupils who wish to go swimming attend Moore Abbey Pool. This pool is available to us for 1 hour once a week The school is delighted to be able to offer this activity, which is both beneficial and enjoyable for the pupils. Swimming is dependant on a bus and driver being available to us.



Physical Education

We have a P.E. teacher who comes in to Kolbe Special School every Wednesday morning and a variety of P.E. activities are engaged in by the pupils. Pupils also learn physical activities and games that enable them, if they wish, to participate in the National Games.



Sensory Room Activities

The school has access to a multi-sensory room in the building. Each classroom has its own sensory equipment. These facilities provide stimulation light and texture activities, which aid development, particularly for those with sensory impairments.


Social Outings

We combine familiarising our students with the locality and engaging in routine social activities by taking small groups of pupils on outings to town, to the library, the church, banks, post office, garda station and trips to bowling.


It is the policy of the school to offer placements to students who are following approved course of study in teaching nursing and SNA training courses. The school offers placements to transition students from local secondary schools as appropriate and subject to availability of place in the school.

Community Links
Kolbe Special School seeks to constantly broaden its links with the local community. We welcome approaches from organisations interested in learning more about our school community and we believe that the benefit of community contact is two-way. We are happy to have interest and ongoing support from the local community.

Parents and Friends Association
The Parents and Friends Association is a long-standing support group that includes the Parents and Friends from both Kolbe Preschool and Special School. The association’s main objective is fundraising. The committee meet regularly and organise fundraising activities, e.g. church gate collections. The Chairman of the association is Ger Woods, Secretary Pat Flynn. Joan Tyrell is the founder member and Honorary President of the Association.

Health and Safety
In compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 1989 the school has a detailed Safety Statement and a Safety Officer has been appointed. Appropriate procedures are in place and are regularly reviewed.

For reasons of health and safety, and security, the school operates a strict admissions procedure. Therefore, while we are pleased to welcome visitors to our school, access for all visitors is by appointment and they must report to the school office on arrival.

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